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Saba Neyshabouri

Saba Neyshabouri

Saba Neyshabouri is a PhD candidate in systems engineering and operations research at George Mason University. His main area of interest is in decision making under uncertainty and application of robust optimization techniques in service-based settings such as healthcare and supply chain systems. His work on surgery planning under uncertainty won the second place in the WINFORMS 2015 Student Excellence Award. He obtained his B.Sc. in industrial engineering from Sharif University of Technology in 2010 in Iran.

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Decision Making Under Uncertainty: An Introduction to Robust Optimization

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About the Program

As part of our efforts to support and engage with researchers, academics and professional data scientists, we’ve created the Yhat Visiting Data Scientist Program. The program allows for researchers to discuss topics they are passionate about and expose thousands of interested readers to research areas they might otherwise never know about.

The aim of the program is to create a forum for high-quality posts in applied research areas within fields such as machine learning, statistics, operations research, etc, and to facilitate the presentation of research in a less formal setting.

Visiting Data Scientists are welcome to work out of the Yhat offices (if you're located in NY), use our software to facilitate research, and drink beer with the Yhat team!

Interested in applying? Send us an email at with an overview of your proposed topic of research and a bit about your background and we’ll be in touch!

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