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A Python IDE
built for analyzing data


Other Platforms OSX Windows (64-bit) Linux

Stable Release: OSX Windows (64-bit) Linux

What people are saying about Rodeo

Rodeo is a development environment that’s lightweight and intuitive, yet customizable to its core - your own personal home base for exploring and interpreting data.

See what you create

Rodeo makes it easy to explore what you create. Inspect, interact with, and compare data frames, plots and more.

Write clean code

The Rodeo text editor ships with autocomplete, syntax highlighting and IPython support so you can write better code faster.

Find what you need

Rodeo’s visual file navigator, package search, and point and click directories make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Integrated Tutorials

Get started learning python with tutorials integrated directly into Rodeo.


Rodeo also includes cheatsheets for referencing helper material quickly.


Once you’ve install Rodeo on your Mac, Windows or Linux, it will auto-update every time we release a new version. But this doesn’t have to be goodbye.

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