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Run, Automate, and Track Data Science

Bandit is built for teams of data scientists.

Bandit centralizes data science work, helping teams schedule remote jobs and track predictive models over time.

Tightly Integrated with Git
Schedule recurring jobs
Associate metadata with jobs
Chain jobs together
Autoscale compute resources
Collaborate with teammates

Automate your Jobs

Schedule jobs to run on a recurring basis or trigger them automatically with git hooks.

Track model performance

Designate which metadata to capture every time your job runs (R2, ROC, F1, etc).

Track and monitor model performance over time
Track and monitor model performance over time

Centralized Discussions

Easily reference job results, outputted plots and job metadata.

Ask teammates questions and easily reference code and jobs to facilitate discussions.

Tied with Git

Bandit couples your Github or Gitlab code with the associated jobs, inputs, outputs and metadata.

Audit and reproduce

All work is saved and searchable to allow for 100% reproducibility.

ScienceOps model deployment integrations and language support

Cloud computing without an IT ticket number.

Bandit makes provisioning remote resources quick and painless.

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