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Making Data Science [APP]licable for
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allows data scientists to deploy and update predictive models rapidly and reliably - without IT or DevOps

Productionize models in minutes

ScienceOps eases the handoff from data scientist to developer by making predictive models accessible via REST API requests.

Building models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn’t be.

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Iterate and Improve

Embed models into production applications simply by sending a code snippet to your dev team.

Unit test new models without interfering with existing models running in production applications.

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ScienceOps bridges the gap between data scientists and software developers

“Anything we can model in R we can easily deploy into production.”

-Scott Donnelly, Director of Business Lending at Ferratum Bank

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Know exactly what’s going on

Access traffic and summary statistics of models in production and analyze model inputs and predictions over time.

Real time model and system visibility in one centralized view, plus integrations with Graphite and Nagios.

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Deploy Anywhere

ScienceOps can be installed in a VPC, on-premise or in a hosted Yhat environment.

With ScienceOps your models and your data stay secure on your servers, behind your firewall, and within your data center.

Deploy ScienceOps in a data center or the cloud, or host it with Yhat

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Building models is hard work. Deploying them shouldn’t be.

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